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Unveiling of the promo of India’s First Tennis Based Film “Tennis Buddies ”

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Extremely dedicated, and simply unstoppable! For the first time in the history of Indian Cinema, a real life sports personality will turn a reel life tennis player in the film “Tennis Buddies”

Dakshata Patel shares her life story in her forth coming debut film “Tennis Buddies”. Supported the world record holder & Tennis star Leander Paes, the film is gaining momentum for its unique story line, cast & subject. “Tennis Buddies” happens to be the first film ever being made on Tennis.

“Tennis Buddies” has been officially selected in 8 International Film Festivals and won “Best Feature Film Award” as adjudged by “Child Jury” in 20 ICFFI- 2017

Anoop Wadhwa,writer concept story and Screen Play Executive Producer and release Partner of the Film Tennis Buddies states “This is an unexplored subject. To keep it real, we casted Dakshata Patel, a real tennis player instead of casting an actor. It is about a girl & her hardships to chase her dream to become a tennis player. I am sure the film will inculcate awareness towards sports amongst youth”Further states “Tennis Buddies is a tale of a girl tennis player who dares to liberate herself from the shackles of her tennis obsessed Coach cum father , only to get trapped in the Misogynistic society of Haryana. Victim of her father’s long standing animosity with the antagonist she emerges unscathed , accomplishing her stated goal of fetching redemption for her father. A father daughter relationship in midst of a savage gender disparity and depicted among the settings of the glorious game of tennis”

Mr. Rajesh Gohil Administrative officer of Children’s Film Society India (CFSI)- “Since we believe the sports is but extension of life we, under stewardship of the chair person Mr. Mukesh “Shaktiman Khanna” set out to produce a sports film since we knew that our long time associate Anoop Wadhwa has a fetish for sports and also keen on writing we approached him and in our collaboration the concept of film Tennis Buddies germinated and the rest as a raise is history”

Cast- Divya Dutta, Ranveer Shorey, Shivani Desai, Major Bikramjeet Singh, Amar Talwar ,Charu, Sharma and Introducing Dakshata Patel and Directed by Suhail Tatari.

The film will be released ac crossed Theater Nationwide on 29th March 2019.

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