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Tvashtar 2019 – Sophia Shree B.K. Somani Polytechnic Annual meet

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The graduate students of “Sophia Shree B.K. Somani Polytechnic” celebrated the culmination of their journey and announce the beginning of their professional life at a mega event “Tvashtar 2019”

It rained fashion and creativity by all the talented young designers from “Tvashtar 2019” who were guided and judged by the eminent jury which includes stellar names from the fashion fraternity- Meher Castelino , Natalie and the very famous stylist Shayal

Taking fashion a notch higher and redefining the latest trends, the students offered the fashion world with sartorial designs for the elite under the guidance of a panel of expertise. It witnessed the glitterati of new age fashion and the student’s take on the latest trends of, cuts, colours, styles & inspiration.

Tvashtar is the annual celebration of creativity of the students and applauds their entry into the professional world as young fashion designers, stylists, fashion merchandisers, illustrators, in fact, in all areas of the apparel industry. Tvashtar enjoys the title of best annual meets among other fashion colleges in Mumbai. Not only famous models walk the ramp but Bollywood and Fashion celebrities have graced the event in the past.

Dr. Mrs. Jignasa Shah says “The entire objective of this show was to give our students, who are budding fashion designers, a platform to showcase their talents and get a taste of their chosen industry. Thereby augment their growth and make them winners in life. Year after year Sophia polytechnic organizes the fashion show for students graduating as they will get hands on practical experience on designing garments for show, this experience of designing will directly enhance their future career prospects”

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