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Smita Gondkar’s is one of the very few actresses to enjoy sports as much as acting. Even in the past the actress has shared her love for racing & bikes by participating in many shows and races. Infact she is also a part of Ahura Racing which is an all girls team

Taking this passion a step further, Smita participated in JK Tyre #FestivalOfSpeed 2019 “I got a call from the JK tyre team and Ahura racing to participate in JK Tyre racing championship round 4 #FestivalOfSpeed 2019 & I was more than happy to be a part of it. I had to manage my shooting schedule though. I would have anyways done that for the love of racing”

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Elaborating more about the sport, Pappi De Parula actress said “Luckily, I pick up technical things pretty quickly. I won’t say this is an easy sport, but yes my passion for motorsports did prove to be an advantage. Seat Time is a major factor in these sports”

Talking about the track experience, she shares that racing is an expensive sport and it doesn’t really give back anything except thrill and adventure. “It is an extremely calculative sport and you cannot mess around. Plus, the rules are very strict and safety measures are advanced.”


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