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Skill Indian Company organised gracious SKILL INDIAN AWARDS 2019

Skill Indian Company recently organized their first edition of Skill Indian Awards 2019. The award show glorified luminaries from different professional spheres like- Actors, Singers, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Media professionals & many more.

The glittering ceremony, witnessed strong domestic and overseas participation from different walks of life. The variety & facets covered by the award show left each attendee impressed.

Angad Singh Arora – Managing Director Skill Indian Company said “Who doesn’t like being recognized for a job well done? Recognizing luminaries for their efforts and accomplishments is important. We at Skill Indian Awards, aim to bring leaders of different fields under one roof & awarding them for their contribution in their respective area of work. We were glad to have them & felicitate them for their work”

Skill Indian Awards saw a very strong line of awardees like – Aaman Trikha , Aanushka Ramesh , Amita Panda , Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka , Anurag Pandey ,Parul Chawla ,Dr. Sharmila Nayak , Smita Gondkar , Amit Datwani, DJ Sheizwood & Champak Jain, Shanthipriya. Bindu Devadas , Gagandeep Singh Chandok , Gaurav Vinod Dubey, Girish Rao, . Hrishita Bhatt, Kaynat Ansari, Dr. Mickey Mehta, Pawan Gupta,The award is for Chirqeen Fiftteen featuring Rehman Khan, journalist Rekha Khan, Rutuja Motghare Duragkar , Seema Sharma, Dr. Sharmila Nayak , Smita Gondkar , Amit Datwani, DJ Sheizwood & Champak Jain, Shanthipriya.

Post their first edition, Skill Indian Awards are touted to be the most coveted and credible awards of the country recognizing finesse, innovation, and accomplishment in the various fields.

About- The production house is a top Line Productions company in India with its network offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Goa, Gurgaon, and Jalandhar. They work Globally in the area of film making, events & recruiting people in domestic as well as overseas for different fields. From the point of establishment, it is endeavoring in turning workforce challenges into opportunities. Right through the whole process over the years, they have made an impact on different sectors of industries such as media, hospitality, healthcare, events, film making, etc. Apart from all the jobs that they promise they also arrange for in-house training programmes and assignments. They are indebted for success and steady growth to their credentials and their adherence to see all assignments through to a speedy and successful end. If you are looking for a recruitment agency to handle your administrative search needs with speed, devotion, and expertise, it’s got to be a SKILL INDIAN COMPANY.

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· Skill Indian Company unit is a Full Fledged Films Productions house in India working for Feature Films Productions, Advertising Films Productions, Corporate Films Productions, Music Videos Productions, Viral and Digital Films Productions, Line Productions and Bollywood Films.

· Skill Indian Company is one of the leading Films Productions housein Mumbai with specialized units in Films Productions

· The company is offering complete line productions services in India be it locations, permissions, shootings, casting, post production or marketing.

· Our team of Directors, Executive Producers, Cinematographers, Post Production studios and writers to produce World class Advertising Films for brands in India

List of Awardees-

  1. Aaman Trikha – Best Singer
  2. Aanushka Ramesh – Rising Fashion Model
  3. Amita Panda – Best IT Professional
  4. Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka – Philanthropist Of The Year
  5. Anurag Pandey – Favorite Radio Jockey
  6. Bindu Devadas – Best Nursing Officer
  7. Gagandeep Singh Chandok – Outstanding Entrepreneur
  8. Gaurav Vinod Dubey – Best Power Broker
  9. Girish Rao – Best Choreographer
  10. Hrishita bhatt – Best Actress
  11. Kaynat Ansari – Anti Corruption Foundation
  12. Dr. Mickey Mehta – Global Leading Holistic Health Guru
  13. Parul Chawla -Best Media Professional
  14. Pawan Gupta – Best Fashion designer
  15. Rehman Khan – Best standup comedian-The award is for Chirqeen Fiftteen featuring Rehman Khan
  16. Rekha Khan – Best journalist
  17. Rutuja Motghare Duragkar – Best Hr Consultant
  18. Seema Sharma – Best Mechnical Engineer
  19. Dr. Sharmila Nayak – Best celebrity cosmetic dermatologist
  20. Smita Gondkar – Best Actress
  21. Amit Datwani – Best Photographer
  22. DJ Sheizwood – Global recognition International DJ and Music composer .
  23. Champak Jain – Best Music Entrepreneur
  24. Shanthipriya- Best Actress
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