Shaina NC and Mickey Mehta launches Dr.Naavnidhi K Wadhwa Inner Diva

Meditation empowers you to operate and be in control of one’s different states of mind. Meditation acts as a guiding voice to navigate your way through the struggles of life and transform oneself to expand the hidden capacities of mind. It helps you close all the windows of your mind and helps you concentrate on one, thus increasing your productivity.

A concept of combining the two important aspects, ‘Healthy body’ and ‘Healthy mind’ and bringing about synergy through Meditation and Breakfast, with this concept Dr. Naavnidhi K wadhwa introduced Inner Diva – Meditation & Breakfast Club.

The Inner Diva – Meditation & Breakfast Club was launched by Fashion Designer and Politician Shaina NC and Indian holistic health & Fitness Guru Mickey Mehta at Oriental Club, Mumbai. The Moto of launching Inner Diva – Meditation & Breakfast Club is start your day on a positive note in order to attract positivity throughout the day, Fill it with soulful thoughts, ill your mind with peace, Eat the right type and quantity of breakfast and feel energetic all day Meditation and breakfast do a lot to your mind and body than you can probably imagine.

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