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Malad Masti is celebrating its 4th year and is one of Mumbai’s biggest street fiesta when it comes to entertainment, gathering, bollywood celebrity spotting Remo D’Souza, Tina Ahuja, Raghav Juyal , Punit Pathak, Shabab Sabri, Aryan Shekhar, Vishal Mishra, Naitik Nagda, Dj Lloyd, Nivedita Chandel, Zero Digree & many more ‘graced their presence.

22nd December 2019 – “Malad Masti” is an initiative led by Aslam Shaikh to promote his area Malad as a tourist attraction by turning the stretch of Malad Back road into a no vehicle zone for a family fun day with Sports, Games, Yoga, Music, Dance, Food, Fun & Frolic, Arts & Crafts.

“Malad Masti” is an annual street festival which takes place every year on the first 4 Sundays of December. It has now put the suburb of Malad on the tourist’s things to do and places to visit map. This initiative has inculcated the importance of keeping their area clean & green. Now Malad pride themselves to be one of the cleanest & happiest areas in Mumbai suburbs.

To have a wider reach to promote causes dear to him Aslam Shaikh’s initiative has bought awareness to causes such as malnutrition, health specifically ailments like bone health which people are ignorant and careless about and other health issues which will affect general population through this family street festival.

“Malad Masti” provides an avenue to bring families together for a fun filled outing together and to bring the entire community together on the streets with their families.
nder his initiative a talent hunt stage was provided for aspiring actors , performers , dancers and singers to showcase their talent and gain confidence for public and stage performances and it is his aim to have this become more professional so that talent scouts can start looking at performers.

His vision and initiative to bring a live mixed martial arts stage directly to the public free of any entry charge to have various clubs and dojos participate to promote mixed martial arts amongst the practitioners and to encourage youngsters watching to take up the arts as a health and well being initiative.

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Various musical teachers and performers like garba , drummers , and other practitioners of musical arts are provided free stage, power and exclusive area to promote the musical arts amongst younger people.

By linking other social initiatives like his annual tree plantation drives with “Malad Masti” he has started to make a large section of the annual crowd interested in being part of these green activities and drives in their locality.

Lastly by making such a grand event an annual affair he has got the civic authorities and police to start betterment in the area by improvement of the roads, better cleanliness and law and order and also look at improvements like clean up of the creek and surrounding areas to improve the area and health of the residents

Aslam Shaikh, said “I want to make Malad Masti, an annual street festival with total people participation in organising and running it along the lines of Oktoberfest in Germany or the Carnival in Rio and a platform to promote social causes dear to me. The campaign is all about getting the people to enjoy the area that belongs to them. We provide them with every possible safety and security, we have volunteers, police to take care of the participants. When people come for this fest they come with a positive vibe, leave all their problems behind and come in search of joy. It’s nearly impossible for residents of Mumbai to witness a big fest like Malad Masti and to also witness the presence of so many celebrities.’’

Further speaking about the campaign that Malad Masti is supporting, he says “There are innumerable people who are malnourished which includes kids and women. We have also invited the NGO’s who look after the malnourished kids and women. The concept of Malad Masti is to celebrate the Indian culture where every Indian no matter what caste or religion they belong, they come together and have fun”


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