Director/Producer of worldwide Sethi Sisters are on a roll

The dynamic duo have been in the news for all of the accolades being received by ‘A Bloody Mess’, directed by Asis Sethi and written and produced by Armin Sethi. The latest accolade is the nomination for best international short film at the Fort Myers Beach International Film Festival. The nomination comes shortly after the film has received awards such as the prestigious Remi Award at the 53rd Houston International Film Festival. Asis Sethi and Armin Sethi are familiar names in Toronto – both have spent much time contributing to the South Asian community. When they were teenagers, they had their own dance studio and performed at huge stage shows with Bollywood stars. Asis went on to appear both in front of and behind the camera for diversity shows and news for a national channel while Armin pursued a career in law and journalism. While both continue to channel their energies in their respective areas of interest, they both come together to tell stories. With their latest short film ‘A Bloody Mess’, they have been winning accolades as the short film attempting to normalize conversations surrounding menstruation is selected at various film festivals world wide. Asis as the director and Armin is the writer and producer are ecstatic that their story is receiving appreciation as the topic is so important to discuss openly. 

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