CORONA: Catastrophic Outbreak Reinforcing Our Need for Assessment of self


Today we are allegedly living in an era wherein we have achieved such an incredible landmark in technological advancement & mechanical upgradation that some ruthless dam “Virus” paralysing the entire planet would better look good in the World of fictional cartoons & Hollywood’s beyond the imagination scripts.

But, Alas !! We are one of those unfortunate lots who are not only witnessing such a devastation around us but also in a manner getting the taste of our own medicine — least to say.

More than 32 thousand deaths in less than a quarter of month & the count is on. ltaly, China, Spain, India, Iran, Germany, Hong Kong, Thailand, US — this epidemic has not left any part of the globe unaffected.

Death of a healthy 38 year old foreign immigrant from UAE last day has even shattered the belief that only the elderly & person with some previous medical condition are under risk of infection.

This pandemic can engulf u me & everyone around leaving us wondering – Are we actually as powerful, as capable , as significant as we believe ourselves to be as against the infinite, everlasting, magnificent nature around us

What we need to learn from this “Remedial Isolation” from the world to save ourselves is that -nature has its own ways of teaching us harmony with each of its components. We dare not show audacity to rule it or else our very existence may become endangered.

In these crucial days of permanent lockdown outside, we need a very careful introspection of our purpose, motives thoughts beliefs & action..
If not now then when if not you then who ???

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