Alankrita Sahai owns an all-girls football team called “Girls with Goals”

Alankrita Sahai is an Indian model turned actor and beauty pageant titleholder. She is the first Indian to win 7 titles at the Miss Earth pageant. Alankrita is a full-time actor and now has credible performances in films such as Namaste England and the Netflix original “Love per Square Foot”. This girl is multitalented is no new news but the fact that she is associated with sports, is.

Alankrita Sahai owns an all-girls football team called “Girls with Goals” which will be playing the Adidas Creators Premier League. We spoke to Alankrita about this and this is what she says,” I have always been sporty and I love football. I play badminton as well. I used to watch a lot of football earlier but because of my schedule now and work I can only catch a game here and there. I got this opportunity to own this team and I grabbed it with both teams. Girls with Goals is a fiercely competitive team and pretty young as well. The girls are really excited to be playing at the Adidas creators premier league and I am even more excited as this was a dream for some time and its come to me at such a young age. This team is my baby and we are preparing really well towards the tournament. The spirit is high and it gives me immense pleasure to be associated with the girls and the game. We have girls from all cultures and background coming together to play football. We as a nation need to encourage women to come ahead and play football. Women no longer need to hide behind anyone. India has done very well in football of late and though the road ahead is long, we are taking steps in the right direction. I would like to thank my friend Aarti for helping me with this wonderful opportunity.”

The beauty queen was seen practicing with the girls as well and the camaraderie was one hell of a sight. We wish her and the team all the luck and are waiting to see them play the Adidas creators premier league

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