Producer Ajay Kapoor at the trailer launch of ‘RAW – Romeo Akbar Walter’

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Ajay Kapoor along with the cast of the film John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Writer & Director Mr. Robbie Grewal, Dheeraj Wadhawan, Vanessa Walia, Gary Grewal launched the trailer of the film “RAW – Romeo Akbar Walter”

Producer Ajay Kapoor said “Our film is an amazing journey of an incredible unsung hero who lived his entire life around serving his nation & was a man of many faces & names & lived only to serve one purpose, his country. I promise this to our nation that with our film RAW, what’s in store for the audience is not just an unbelievable story but also what goes behind the role of a RAW. Our film RAW portrays the brilliance of a well coordinated machinery between our forces & their think tank RAW & other intelligence agencies & their expertise in diverse areas like financial and economic analysis, space technology, information security, energy security and scientific knowledge, foreign languages, geo strategic analysis, thousands of case studies of other agencies like CIA,& MI16 etc etc intense Field Intelligence Bureau (FIB) training to get firsthand experience of what it was to be out in the figurative cold, conducting clandestine operations, night exercises under realistic conditions, infiltration and ex-filtration techniques, skills to take & face interrogation, reconnoitre, making contacts, and innumerable other skills of operating an intelligence mission. Our film RAW will ignite the real patriot not just within the audiences in our country but across the globe”

Viacom18 Motion Pictures in Association with Kyta Productions Present Romeo Akbar Walter. It will release Worldwide on 5th April 2019.

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