Actress MaSharma’s Beautiful Skin Is A Blessinghira

As far as skincare routine of this beautiful lady is concerned, Mahira shares some of her quarantine beauty tips.

And if you may trust us, follow her suggestions and you will look refreshed and revitalized when you start becoming social again.

“ Seriously, now is the perfect time to give any of your trouble areas a break or some extra love. Why? Well, for the most part, you’re at home where no one (well almost no one) can see you. Trust me; if you don’t do your hair or make-up one day, there will be no one to notice. Now, I’m not saying get sloppy, because taking care of yourself does take some effort” says Mahira Sharma

Here are a few ideas for you during this quarantine.

  1. Give your glam face some rest – Now that we are all sitting at home, replace your “glam face” with organic, “home made mask face”.
  2. Use masks – Make your own “dadi ka nuska” mask at home. It works wonders
  3. Be aware of what you eat- Utilise this time to cook and eat some healthy meals. Take some time off and plan your meal.
  4. Drink water- Old but most effective.
  5. Get plenty of sleep – Sleeping helps maintain your looks, stress levels, and overall health.
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